Bring the outdoors indoors

BREATHE EASIER: Mother in Law’s Tongue is a natural way of improving air quality in your home.

Plants inside are definitely not new and were probably at their fashionable peak during the 60’s and 70’s, but indoor gardening has become hugely popular again for lots of good reasons.

Greenery inside looks amazing, especially in decorator pots and baskets to match your interior décor.

So long as your plants receive indirect sunlight and are a safe distance from air conditioning and heaters they should grow quite happily.

The key is to not over water your indoor plant particularly during the colder months.

For tall structural plants the Fiddle Leaf Fig or Ficus Lyrata is stunning.

Its leaves are huge and the shape of a fiddle hence the name.

Their size and shape make a statement and look quite at home in a large basket or planter.

Strelizia Nicolai is also popular in the large leaf category and is grown more for its leaves and shape than for its blue and white flowers unlike its cousin the Strelizia reginae or Bird of Paradise.

Both these plants will grow happily inside with little maintenance.

“The use of plants inside to improve air quality is well documented so plants in offices and businesses have become a must.”

The top plant for improving air quality is Sanseveria, more commonly known as Snake Plant or Mother in Law’s Tongue.

It is a succulent and performs extremely well inside with very little attention.

Monstera deliciosa or Swiss Cheese plant is an exotic addition to your house plants and again has little maintenance needed.

Hydrating the leaves regularly helps them from drying out and dusting the leaves regularly also helps the plant to ‘breathe’.

Some people put their plants in the shower occasionally and run water over them to imitate tropical rain.

Ficus Burgundy also has become popular again and was known as rubber plants in my Mothers’ house in the 60’s and the Happy Plant or Dracaena fragrans was popular in the 80’s.

Philodendrons, Calatheas, Draceanas, China Doll, Ficus and ferns have all had resurgence in popularity but probably the biggest interest has been succulents inside in particular in hanging pots and in mixed planting bowls.

Choosing succulents is lots of fun as there are hundreds of varieties of all different shapes, sizes and colour.

They are very easy to grow and when you find a pot or bowl to match they look very stylish.

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